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2013/04/10 (Wed) the first song


Vocal / NIN Arrangement / MACACA

I feel so tired..
My life is a mess
I just want to go out.

Did you feel it’s cold inside?
Did you find there’s no more light?
Did you know what make you fear?
Seeing more when you close your eyes.

So tired I told my-self I need a rest turn off the light.
But I couldn’t sleep cause the fear of thunderstorm
When I’m alone.

Who wanna feel?
Who wanna fear?
Who wanna see things never clear?

Who wanna stop?
Who wanna stuck?
I ‘m gonna walk through this muddy road.

"feel the pain"
"feel yourself"
"this is not the end"
"I have your back"
"Don't be afraid"
"Go for it"
"I'll stand by you"
"You are not alone"
"We believe in you"
"you're gonna to be different"

Who bring you love?
What worth you keep?
Who tug you in when you can’t fall asleep?

Who give you strength?
Who wipe your tear?
Who hold you tight till you feel no fear?

now take a step
now give a chance
now feel the wind and kiss the rain...


2013/04/12 19:20 | [ 編集 ]

謝謝你,謝謝你喜歡 :)
2013/04/16 20:23 | NIN [ 編集 ]